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Yes, really. Our revenue is created by running ads on our website from companies you already do business with — such as Alcon, Allergan, CooperVision and others.

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How do I link my practice website to

Websites are managed in many different ways, so it's impossible to provide generic instructions. If a staff person or outside vendor maintains your website, it's probably as simple as instructing them to add a link, and they'll know how to do it. For more help, contact us.

Are eye care practitioners involved in article development?

In addition to the eye care practitioners who have written articles, the content is reviewed by an Editorial Advisory Board of ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians and other eye care professionals.

How does make money?

We carry advertising from many of the same companies that you already do business with. Since we run ads for a variety of companies and products, the advertising helps to maintain the balanced, unbiased tone of the site.