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AllAboutVision.com was launched in January 2000 to provide patients with reliable, up-to-date and easy-to-understand information about eye health and vision correction.

The website's content team consists of experienced eye care journalists and an Editorial Advisory Board of eye care professionals. AllAboutVision.com now includes more than 600 pages of content and serves millions of visitors each year.

About Us

Nationally Recognized Eye Care Content

AllAboutVision.com has been cited by prominent media such as Newsweek and The Wall Street Journal. Thousands of websites worldwide link to us, including governments, corporations, academic institutions and more than 6,000 eye care practices.

You can feel comfortable sending your patients to AllAboutVision.com:

  • Our content is developed with, and reviewed by, eye care professionals.
  • We continually reinforce the importance of regular eye care.
  • Our mission is to supplement, not replace, your professional patient care.
  • We don't sell products.

Your patients will benefit from our free eye health education, and an educated patient is a better patient for you. Learn about our free educational tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does AllAboutVision.com make money?

We carry advertising from many of the same companies that you already do business with. Since we run ads for a variety of companies and products, the advertising helps to maintain the balanced, unbiased tone of the site.

How current is AllAboutVision.com's information?

Our editorial team closely follows news and events in eye care, and strives to present the most current, accurate and useful information. Updates are published multiple times each business day.

Why should I link my website to AllAboutVision.com?

The site is an excellent source of comprehensive, unbiased information. It can educate your patients about the many life-enhancing products and services you can provide to them. An educated consumer is a better patient for you.